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2 years ago


My blog will then feature helpful information as it describes ways on how, where, when and what to do upon traveling to the places that I have visited. In today's blog, I'm going to give details regarding the best route in reaching Ozamiz City from Zamboanga City (Asia's Latin City). Ozamis is a buzzling city of Misamis Occidental. It is considered as the gateway city of central mindanao as it has an airport serving Manila-Ozamis route via Air Philippines and a seaport with almost all shipping companies catering service from Manila, Cebu, Dumaguete among others.From Zamboanga City, you have to travel to Pagadian City first because there is no direct trip to Ozamiz City. The only mode of transport is thru a bus. The Rural Transit Mindanao Inc. is the only bus company that serves this route. Isabela City to Zamboanga City you are going to ride a vessel and its fare is PHP. 60 with 45mins then Port Terminal you have to look for a transportation going to Guiwan Bus Terminal through tricycle with the fare of 30 pesos and to the point of the terminal going to pagadian you are going to ride a bus with the fare of 380 pesos that is student fare and when you reach at pagadian terminal you have to transfer to another terminal going ozamiz city with the fare of 100 pesos, you spent for food I guess must be at least 500 pesos including the breakfast,lunch and dinner that is only for 1 day starting at zamboanga to pagadian until you reach ozamiz city. then we stayed at novo hotal with the amount of 1000/24hrs lastly hotel to misamis unversity we used to ride a jeep going to school because it cost only 7 pesos that was more fun and enjoying. Well thats about it for now, my next blog will cover my stay in Ozamizy. Places I visited, etc.

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Taking Master of Education in Nursing at Misamis University

I enjoy studying at Misamis University at Ozamiz City.

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The ICT affects the way of we live, learn and play.

Some people are having technophobia because of less knowledge about the highly invention of the technology, even today as I observed in our city most of our students doesn’t know how to used it nevertheless, the education work in teams in order to achieve a given task. Many are considered ICT tools very conducive to learning and it has been proved that new technologies have lots of benefits on the students.

I learned about the Information and Communication Technology, ICT is that it gives the fastest feedback of all communication we dealt among the people, friends, family and or even in our business no matter how distant it is. We are lay in the modern highly invention that make ourselves convenient. Social Network is one of the known online communication and 90% of people are using it. It is the utmost contraption that was been emerged and impart to the world today’s technology to our daily needs.